Hi, I’m Cheryl

I am first and foremost passionate about my relationship with Christ. Understanding my role as he has given it to me in this life is central to everything I do. I am a wife to a wonderful man and a home-educating momma. I have three big kiddos and one little bite who just fills all our lives with light and love. We also have one crazy Chorkie puppy zooming around somewhere most likely chewing or peeing on something that will rile me up later.

It’s not always easy, I have Autism and juggle a busy home life, church life and ministry life amidst chronic illness and those seasons that feel like they are making a profit on your hardships.. but in the Grace of God I keep waking up and he keeps on giving me my portion for the day.

I am beyond blessed that you are here , and I look forward to pouring something hot and delicious into a cup and sharing some time with you.

Love and blessings always

Cheryl xoxo

Fun Facts About Me

I’d rather be

in nature with a book

Listening to

soundtrack music

grateful for

my family

Favorite place

in the forest

my weekends

worship & family

best snuggle buddies

my babies

My Favorite Recipe

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Where this all began

Our educating journey began back in 2009 when I was called into the teacher’s office and told that my daughter who had announced in class that she believed that Santa Claus can’t be real needed to be excluded from school and that it may be best if I took my other children out as well. The reason? The upset she had caused as children began questioning their parents on what seemed like just good old common sense from their classmate. While I respected each parent’s right to teach their children I knew that I didn’t want my children penalised for using their brains, deductive powers and developing a hunger for truth. My daughter funnily enough being the instigator of this drama hated being home educated but my boys thrived on it. When our littlest one came along I knew I wanted to home-educate him. Although at times plagued with the same doubts and mom guilt that even after 23 years as a parent still rears its head, I remain content on the path that God has set me on and try to enjoy the sweet and savoury lessons life brings.