Hello Spring, I’m so glad you are here.

Waking up with the sun rays streaming through my window feels like nectar to my soul. As I head into a week of contemplation over the death and resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ I find it so appropriate that as we remember that he is the light of the world and he guides us from the darkness that we experience a physical manifestation of this in creation.

I love the season of Autumn and as it moves to winter which brings us all the joy and cozy of Christmas and excitement for the new year and the possibilities it brings I can’t help but feel by the end of January that I have just about had enough and all the excitement of the previous weeks feel buries beneath the dark and cold.

I feel Spring is a much better time of year to start planning goals and resolutions simply because it’s the time of year I feel I begin to wake . I recently read ‘The Wintering‘ by Katherine May. A beautiful book that reminds us of the need to not run from but embrace the darker season of life , to go through the wintering and find the beauty in the cold and dark but also to acknowledge the lack of movement and progression that is a reality for many of us during this time of the year.

In his book ‘Ordering your Private World‘ Pastor MacDonald notes that the winter months are his least productive, not a time for goal setting or reading but a time where he needs rest and recovery. He plans all his heavy work for the summer season where he knows he will achieve and grow. I found solace in his words as a man who has dedicated his life to serving God and caring for others his understanding of his own personal ebbs and flows and choice to honour these without guilt is reassuring. One of the blessings of age is the growing abandon of ‘popular opinion’ and in confidence to think for yourself and owning the path that God has set before you is that you can happily decide to start your new years goals and resolutions in March despite the January new year hype.

Interested in my Spring Goal setting process ? Then feel free to check out the post ‘ Goal setting in April’ where I use my rejuvenated sense of faith from Lent to create goals for the remainder of the year.

What I’m looking forward to this Spring

🌸Lighter Nights and Brighter Morning

🌸The return of blossoming trees, we have so many beautiful magnolias where we live I love the way their beautiful petals fill the streets with colour.

🌸Long walks in the forest with my children with the cool spring breeze on my face

🌸Nights in my reading chair by the window enjoying the fading sun rays and hot tea

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